4 Reasons to Use Facebook Live for Your Church Growth

facebook live

If you are not living under the rock, by now you must have heard of Facebook Live, a video service from Facebook that allows individuals or an organisation to stream live event right from their mobile or computer device. This feature has been around for a while and lots of people, business owner and ministries are taking advantage of this, but how can you as a minister make use of this as well? That is what we will talk about in this article.

In the past few decades, the Church have seen a revolutionary change in technological development, and unfortunately, most ministries are not taking advantage of this great instrument of development to the spread of the Gospel. We shall take a look at one of the most effective tool the Church can maximize today, the Fb Live.

Here are 4 reasons to use Facebook live as an individual or ministry.

1. Easy To Set Up.

Before now, if you want to do a live stream of your Church services, or events you have to put up alot of complicated gadget which is not only technical, but needs special technical know how to handle as well, but with FB live, it is all too easy that a 7 year old can set it up himself.

FB Live makes it easy for you to stream your event and programme with just your phone and the whole world can follow up your programme and event in real time, you dont want to miss out on this. You can stream live programmes like Bible Study, Sunday Worship Service, and training services as well, the opportunities are indeed limitless.

2. Budget Friendly.

Before now, apart from the fact that the equipment needed for Live streaming is very complicated, it is also very expensive, and this explains the reason why only Churches with huge budget can afford it, rendering small Churches helpless as regards to the great tool.

But with FB Live, all you need to start streaming is your gadget which can either be your mobile device or your computer, and you are good to go, its that easy, which implies that little or not investment is needed for this.

3. It increases your Reach.

This cannot be over emphasized. One of the things that FB live does is to increase your reach as you are not limited to the four walls of your Church, but help you reach the global village.

Live streaming allows a larger number of people to be able to connect with the Church activities. Busy families with kids involved in extracurricular activities or a high academic workload, have the option of tuning in to the live stream rather than missing out completely. With this, they are always connected to your ministry and they dont miss out on the Church events.

4. Podcasting made Easy.

When FB Live was introduced, it was basically a video thing, it receives alot of welcome globally and was massively used both in the business and religious world, but that was not the whole story. Facebook intro Audio Live, which is the audio version of the FB Live with no motion pictures but sound only. What a simple way to start your podcasting career.

The reason why this is fascinating is because you dont have to record your podcast elsewhere, upload it to a blog or website and start driving traffic to it, Fb is where your audiences are, so you can talk directly to your audience right there and then.

Many ministers have started harnessing the power of the Audio Live and the result have been awesome, whats more? FB send notifications to your contacts once you start broadcasting, how cool can that be?

We hope this has been helpful and that this will motivate you to start using FB live if you have not been doing so. If you have any question or would like more information about how we can help you ministry with this, kindly send us a mail and we will reply as soon as possible.


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