How To Start An Online Radio Station In Nigeria

online radio in nigeria

You would be surprised at how easy it is to create your own station with internet radio hosting provider i-Church Resources- The complete and easy to use platform lets you setup and manage your shows online.


Getting to know the basic of how online radio hosing works can help you get a clearer picture of how your broadcasts get to your listeners. There are 3 core stages your audio takes:

Source (You): The starting point, your computer encodes and converts audio into a stream of data packets which are streamed to your radio hosting server.

Server (i-Church Resources): Your stream arrives at the i-church resources platform where the signal is cleaned up and pushed through to the appropriate channels.

Listener(Everyone) Your broadcasts are sent out to players on your site, directories, apps, and direct links for your listeners to tune in.

What is an Internet Radio
Online radio is either pre-recorded messages files or live broadcast through a microphone broadcasts that are streamed over the internet.

The good news is that with an online radio, you are not limited to one geographic area or dependent upon syndication partners picking up your show in order for it to be heard. it can be heard all over the world.

Now that you know what an internet radio is, lets now talk about why you should have one today, and start broadcast as soon as possible.

According to statistics, people better retain what they hear on internet radio stations and see in an ad at the same time. The visual combined with auditory prompts stick in the person’s brain.Even though a picture might be worth 1,000 words, the study found that, in some cases, words can be more powerful than print ads and drive the emotions of consumers, which results in a better response percentage for excellent radio adverts, now is something ringing in your mind.

Why Have An Online Radio?

1. Cost Effective
We need not be told that running and offline radio station is very expensive and runs into millions of naira, this alone is a discouragement to those who wish to have a radio station, the cost of maintenance is not only high, but very everyday expenses are also huge.

This is not the same with an online radio, with as low as N6,500 you can start your own online radio station, is that not dead cheap as compared to buying heavy equipment, renting apartments and paying huge sums for maintenance monthly? in fact, you can start today if you will, its that simple!

2. 24 Hours Non Stop Broadcasting
Now, you might be thinking that just as the terrestrial or local radio station runs, you have to be up and running with your radio, meaning that if you are not on your computer your radio will not run, that is total untrue. You can automate your station to run broadcast 24 hours a week without being there or even while you are sleeping.

Our hosting features has an Auto DJ features that allow constant broadcasting of your message or file even while you are away from your computer.

3. Accessible Anyday, Anytime!
Another beautiful thing about setting up your own internet radio in Nigeria is that radio station is not limited only to Nigeria, it can be accessible anywhere and anytime in the world, so far the person has an access to internet connections, they are also listen to your radio. Is that not wonderful, reaching people unlimited people across the world without spending a fortune?

4. Establish Yourself As an Authority
One of the advantages of owing and running an Online Radio is the leverage it gives you by establishing yourself as an authority. We live in a world where people don’t want to gamble with their interest, they want to get an expect advice, and they need to know the person is indeed qualified to advice them on such matters, glad enough, running Online Radio can give you this status. This is especially great for those offering any form of services or training.

5. Monetize Your Online Radio
Now, it only get easier and better, since you provide great contents to your listeners, you can actually sot in an advert in between your broadcasting and make money from it.You are the one to set the advert rate making the monetization opportunity limited-less and endless.

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